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Three Capes Loop RV Trip : Newport ~ Depoe Bay ~ Lincoln City ~ Pacific City ~ Sand Lake ~ Netarts ~ Tillamook ~ Manzanita ~ Cannon Beach ~ Seaside

If you want to see more of the Oregon coast, take the first alternate route - it's well worth it. From I-5 just south of Albany, take SR 34 West (at exit 228). Near Corvalis SR 34 joins with SR 20 West - continue on that all the way to the coast at Newport. The main part of town to check out is south on Hwy 101, but from here to the next stop on the RV trip you will head north on the 101.

Whether or not you stay overnight here, Newport is a good first stop on the tour. This is a port city and an old city, and it has a lighthouse. The city has a big harbor and a long seawall that protects the harbor. This creates two huge beaches as sand gets deposited next to the harbor entrance. They have an interesting area along the harbor where the sights, sounds, and smells of active fish processors mingles with restaurants, dive bars, and touristy shops.

Here are some highlights of the area, followed by pictures:


Oregon Coast Aquarium - We never checked this out, but everybody talks about it, so I'm sure it's worth a visit.

Hatfield Marine Science Center - Another place we did not check out, but it has lots of interesting things for children and adults.

South Beach State Park - RV campsites (online reservations), beach access, hiking & biking trails, bike rentals, kayak tours. We never stopped here, but it sounds like a nice place to stay.


Yaquina Bay Lighthouse / Yaquina Bay State Recreation Area - Lighthouse tours & gift shop, beautiful beach area, nice tidal pool along the jetty. See pictures below.

Historic Newport Bayfront - Fresh seafood, restaurants, bars, shops, museums, barking sea lions, canneries. We like to overnight on the street here - no hookups, but it's free and it's a neat place to walk around. See pictures below.

Walmart, Fred Meyer & more - Located on the north of side of Newport, just off the 101

Yaquina Head Lighthouse / Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area - Lighthouse tours & gift shop, hiking trails, wildlife watching, tidal pool. Located north of Newport, just off the 101.


leaving RV's To Go in Wilsonville, OR
Heading out from RVs to Go

RV rental from RV's To Go in Wilsonville, OR
This is the RV that we stayed in for a week

Yaquina Bay State Recreation Area
At Yaquina Bay State Recreation Area in Newport there is a HUGE sandy beach to check out. Along the jetty is a nice tide pool area. (this picture does a poor job of scale)

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse
Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse
Yaquina Bay Lighthouse (see it peaking up from the back)

historic marker
click to enlarge and read

Historic Newport Bayfront
Historic Newport Bayfront - the port is bustling with fishing vessels of all sizes.

harbor or Newport, Oregon
This is what the fishing fleet looks like in the harbor of Newport, Oregon

Newport Harbor
If you have ever been to Newport, you have heard the sea lions constant barking. 

harbor or Newport, OR
The sky was gray and made this scene look black and white

harbor of Newport, OR
There were several boardwalks

free parking in Historic Newport Bayfront
We had a nice spot by the water and rode our bikes around town

Historic Newport Bayfront boardwalk

There was a full moon that night.  We parked on the street right here and spent the night.
We had a big deck to enjoy.

harbor of Newport, OR
Luckily it cleared up and was a nice night

Undersea Gardens
Undersea Gardens is an attraction in the historic bayfront, but it's not the main aquarium.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Yaquina Head Lighthouse - it rained that day, but the lighthouse looked cool in the mist

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
The Yaquina Head Lighthouse would have burned oil. They said it could burn kerosene, whale oil, or rendered pig fat.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Yaquina Head Lighthouse - this is the outside of the Fresnel lens.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Yaquina Head Lighthouse - the spiral staircase was made from cast iron and was very cool.


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