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Seal Rock

Taste of Oregon RV Trip : Newport ~ Seal Rock ~ Florence ~ Winchester Bay ~ Coos Bay ~ Charleston ~ Bandon ~ Port Orford ~ Gold Beach ~ Brookings ~ Crescent City, CA ~ Grants Pass ~ Crater Lake ~ Bend ~ Silver Falls SP

Seal Rock is a nice stop on the Oregon Coast as you're heading south on the 101, especially if you like scenic areas and wildlife viewing.

Ona Beach State Park - North of Seal Rock, this park offers beach access, kayak tours, a boat ramp and more.

Seal Rock State Recreation Site - Highly recommended! There is a paved trail to picnic areas and a beach overlook, then a hiking trail down to the great big beach. You'll find picnic areas, an inter-tidal zone, seals on the rocks, birds galore, and more. See pictures below.

Seal Rocks RV Cove - RV campground near Seal Rock State Recreation Site


Historic Site info
Our first stop was Seal Rock.  This place has a nice tidal pool and fun stuff to check out.

Seal Rock State Recreation Site
Seal Rock State Recreation Site

rock outcropping
There were lots of big rock outcroppings

view from the unpaved hiking trail to the beach
This is a panoramic picture of above

overview of beach at Seal Rock State Recreation Site
Seal Rock has a very interesting beach to check out

Seal Rock beach
I am no geologist, but this rock seemed different than the rest

rock at Seal Beach
Close up of the rock from the picture above

seals on the rocks
Notice the seals on the rock in the middle?

beach at Seal Rock
Great place for some beach combing

tide pool at Seal Rock
These green anemones fill with sand, but then when the waves come they can get rid of it

tide pool at Seal Rock
The rocks are encrusted with creatures that are withdrawn into a protective shell until the
waves come.

skipping rope with kelp
They were playing skip rope with a big piece of Kelp

rocks at Seal Rock

seals on the rocks
The seals had a great spot

birds on the rocks at Seal Rock
They are hard to see, but there are lots of birds on the rock. Guess why the rock is all whitish?

tide pools at Seal Rock
There are tons of little pools to check out

paved trail above Seal Rock beach
There was a nice trail on the rim of the cliff that overlooked Seal Rock.
(This picture was taken heading away from the beach to the parking lot.)

picnic area at Seal Rock State Recreation Site
We should have brought a picnic



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